Fall Goal: 5.6

Sent my first climbing  route Tuesday nite, a 5.6 at the gym. I realized that I’m apparently still afraid of heights some in the process. The first part of the route overhung some and by the time I got to the end of that section I had lost most of the strength in my arms and my legs were starting to get a little twitchy. I think that’s what probably freaked me out more than anything. After a bit of a rest on a bar I was able to finish the route. I have to give Brad at Big Rock some props here though. He was my belayer for the route and gave me some awesome moral support while I was up on the wall, he’s the best.

I also bouldered with Megan on Monday and had a good time. I’ve got a few new problems under my belt now. There were three V1-2 problems I got, along with that V3 that I was after last week.

Eating has become a big chore these days though. I have a hard time getting in enough calories to make up for what I burn in the gym. I lost about 2 Kg when I first started, but I’m almost back up to my normal 53-54 Kg range. Something tells me it’s only going to get harder to keep the weight on going forward though.

Fall Goal Update

Friday was an excellent day at the gym. I was there for about 3.5 hours, so my endurance and pacing seem to be improving. My climbing partner was out sick, so I was working bouldering problems solo. I sent seven new problems: 4 new V0s and 3 V1s. I also came very close to sending a V3 but just ran out of energy finally. One of the guys that works at the gym, Christian, came and bouldered with me a bit just before closing. He taught me a little bit about flagging, which helped me a lot on the V3.

I’ve been really surprised and impressed with the progress I’ve made in just a week and a half. I noticed a big improvement in strength and endurance last nite over where I had been just a little more than a week earlier. I’m going to start working a lot more on technique next week and hopefully start sending some V3 problems in the process. Also, I’ll be picking up my climbing harness next week so that I can start working on the big walls. Wish me luck!

Achieving Autumn

Fall Goal Update

Went back to Big Rock today for my second trip to the gym. This time I brought along a friend, Megan, who’s starting climbing too. I showed her a few of the easier routes before we starting taking turns on the wall. I managed to nail the brown route which had been eluding me last time (either a V0 or V1) and then started trying a few V1 routes. Feeling much less sore and a better grip today. I’m hoping to be able to make a V1 on Friday when I go back. I feel like that would be a decent accomplishment for 1.5 weeks of training.

I’m going to make a protein shake here before bed to help with the muscle growth/strength. I’ll share my favorite recipe that I like to drink right after a good workout:

  • 1 Banana
  • 1-2 servings of unflavored whey protein
  • About 12 ounces of whole milk
  • Chocolate syrup

Blend well for a protein shake that you’ll actually want to drink for it’s flavor. (who knew?)