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I am a former web developer, turned EMT, turned Physician Assistant. I still dabble in development projects from time to time and am an Open Source advocate. I love adventuring outdoors: hiking, camping, kayaking, rock climbing. I’m also an avid maker/tinkerer in the fields of woodworking, electronics, amateur radio, 3D printing, DIYBio, chemistry, automotive, fabrics, blacksmithing, plants, etc. I like to think of myself as a modern Renaissance Man of sorts. I’m also passionate about my faith as a Christian. You can check out my religious publishing company Kingsway Supplies, LLC. I’m also happily married to my wonderful wife, Cory. Thanks for stopping in, and hopefully my ramblings have been useful to you in some way.

David Nichols, PA-C, NREMT-B
Personal: mybluevan@gmail.com
Development: mybluevan@bluevandevelopment.com
Medical: david.nichols.pac@gmail.com
School: Nichols316@live.missouristate.edu
Call Sign: AD0BG