Fall Goal: Complete

Great news! I took a trip to Horseshoe Canyon Ranch Saturday with Matt and we got to do some awesome outdoor routes. I on-sighted a 5.7 and two 5.8s. I sent Green Goblin (5.8) the first try, but it wasn’t clean. I had to stop and rest for a few seconds about half-way up the 65 foot route. The sandstone was nice to climb and had a good feel and grip to it. Also, I lead climbed all four routes that day.

It feels good to have accomplished my goal and even learned to lead climb in the process. The month isn’t over yet either. I’m hoping to lead climb a nice overhung 5.9 in the gym either by the end of the month, or early December.

Megan finally got her belay certification Monday night and on-sighted her first ever route! It’s the same 5.6 that I learned to lead climb on. She did a great job for her first night on the walls. I really look forward to climbing/bouldering with her in the future.

I think this is one hobby that will stick with me for years to come. I’ve enjoyed everything about climbing so far. I’ve made wonderful progress in a short time, and gained more strength than I ever did in the gym. There have also been several new friends gained along the way; and, I’ve managed to get existing friends interested in climbing as well. It’s great sport for teamwork and friendship since you have to trust each other with your lives and we’re helping push each other to greater heights instead of competing with each other.

Big thanks go out to Dynamic Earth for the gear and motivation to get started. The guys over at Big Rock Climbing Gym are some of the best coaches, friends, and motivators I had along the way. The Take A Hike group is highly awesome as well and has some awesome, friendly climbers. Everyone I met at the gym was super friendly and fun to climb with. I learned a lot from all you guys/gals. Finally, big shout-out to Megan and Matt for being my main bouldering/climbing/belay buddies and helping motivate me to finish off this goal in style.

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