Fall Goal: Big Progress

The last two climbs were really big for me. I found a belay/climbing partner named Matt from the Take A Hike group. Thursday we put away a few bouldering problems and I send a 5.6 and 5.7. I got a little lazy on Saturday and didn’t go out.

We totally tore it up last night though. The gym was packed and after a few warm-ups we hit the walls and were climbing/belaying the rest of the evening. The Take A Hike group was in full force and I got to meet some new people. Boone lead climbed a 5.9 with a big overhang and I top roped after her and unclipped the route. It wasn’t 100% clean, but it was a real fun climb for sure. I also sent three 5.8 routes including this one slab route that was quite a different experience for me. Christian also put up a new ~V1 route that was fun to work. Overall, a great night and major progress on the goal.

I’ve also got plans to go outdoors with Matt this month as well so I can knock out the outdoor climb.

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