Fall Goal: Flu

The lack of updates the past two weeks has been due to some sort of zombie flu that had me incapacitated for a while. I managed to miss the rock trip and nearly two full weeks at the gym. This week though I was finally able to make it back to the gym and get re-acclimated. Thankfully I managed to not lose too much strength. I sent a few new routes and even on-sighted a new V0/V1 that showed up while I was gone.

Megan seems to be improving as well. She had the flu almost as long as I did and wasn’t able to go much either. We’re going to try and step it up to at least three trips to the gym each week to hopefully boost our progress. We’ve been recovering fairly fast compared to when we first started going and it shouldn’t be to bug of a deal to do three days a week.

That’s it for now, I’ll probably post another update at the end of week on the results of our next two trips.

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